Difference Between a Play And a Drama? Types

When we hear the word “play”, most of us think of something lighthearted and fun. For example, a play is something like “The Wizard of Oz” or “Rent”, while a drama is something like “A Streetcar Named Desire” or “The Crucible”. However, the term “play” can also refer to a type of performance that is more serious than a drama. For instance, if you see a play at the local theatre, it will often be more serious than a drama at the local theatre.

In this article, we explain the difference between play and drama, and what each one of them entails. We also list the benefits of each type of production.

Definition of Play

Is it just a game? Or is it something more? Do we have any responsibilities while playing? The answers to these questions will depend on your perspective.

A game is defined as something that is fun and exciting. It is played for entertainment purpose. A game is mostly used in a social setting and it is played to pass time. In our daily life, we are bound to play games. Whether it is a game of cards, football, or chess, the game is a fun activity.

But when we talk about a game, we are mostly referring to a sport, like cricket, tennis, golf, and so on. If we talk about a game, we are mainly talking about a team game where two or more persons compete against each other.

So, if you are talking about a game, you are talking about sports. Play is the term used to refer to the entire process of playing a game.

Now, if you are wondering what does it mean to play a game? Playing a game is not an easy task. It requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and patience. There are several types of games, which are played by the people of different age groups.

Children are the first ones who learn to play a game. They start with simple games like marbles, football, and hopscotch. As they grow, they learn to play different types of games.

There are also some games which require a great deal of coordination like gymnastics, swimming, and basketball. And of course, there are some games that are played by adults like chess, bridge, and backgammon.

Play is an essential part of our daily life, and the reason is that it teaches us a lot of things. As we grow, we are introduced to different types of games. We learn how to manage our time and we learn how to work as a team.

It is the most important thing that we have a good time and enjoy our leisure time. Play is an essential part of our daily routine. So, it is important for you to make sure that you spend quality time with your family members and friends.

Definition of Drama

Drama is a form of art that can be found in different forms of media. It is one of the oldest forms of art that has been practiced in ancient times. There are different types of drama such as stage drama, movie drama, TV drama, radio drama, internet drama and so on.

In modern times, there is no difference between the two words, drama and entertainment, because entertainment is actually a part of the drama. The main difference between drama and entertainment is that drama is more serious than entertainment.

Types of Drama

Stage Drama

This type of drama is performed on the stage. It is known as a live drama and usually consists of a play and musical performance. It includes the music, lyrics, dialogue, costumes and scenery.

Movie Drama

This type of drama is also known as the film drama. The term ‘movie’ means a film. Movie dramas are usually based on movies and there are various genres of movies.

Radio Drama

The radio drama is a drama that is broadcast over the radio. These dramas are mostly based on a story that is told over the radio. Radio dramas are more popular than the other types of dramas.

TV Drama

TV drama is the type of drama that is shown on the TV. It is also known as a television drama. Television dramas are very famous as they are watched by the masses and therefore, the number of people watching it is much larger than other types of drama.

Internet Drama

The Internet drama is a drama that is performed over the internet. The content of this drama is uploaded by the users and viewers can watch it online.

The Differences between Play and Drama

Are you interested in theatre and want to know about the difference between play and drama? In this post, I will tell you about the differences between the two.


A play is an artistic performance, which is generally performed by the children and youth. The aim of a play is to entertain the audience. Play is a theatrical performance, which is often used to teach and develop the skills of the children.


A drama is a performance of a dramatic poem, which is usually performed by the adults. Dramatic poetry is a literary work that has a story line and character. A drama is a dramatic performance, which is used to develop the skills of the actors.


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