This Is What Each Heart Emoji Means

There is no need to read between the lines. Everything you need to know about heart emoji meanings can be found in this guide.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s probably time to start sending those annual Valentine’s Day texts to your partner, friends, family, or whoever else you think deserves some love on this special day. In the midst of so many emojis out there, it can be a little confusing-especially with the hearts.

With so many colors to choose from, how are you supposed to decide which one to send? For your convenience, we have broken down the heart emoji meanings by color. Make sure you brush up on these abbreviations and group text etiquette before you start sending those messages.

Red heart emoji meaning reports that the red heart is the most popular heart emoji on Twitter. This is the best way to express affection, appreciation, or love to your partner, closest friends, and family members. This heart may come across as too intense if you send it to someone you don’t know well. For a more romantic and flirty message, pair the red heart with the rose emoji or kiss emoji.

Blue heart emoji meaning

Typically, blue hearts are used by corporate brands as a call-to-action. It is likely that you will see this one paired with a discount, sale, or promotion. A blue heart may also be seen in a patriotic context, such as on Independence Day or Memorial Day. Feel free to use it however you like.

Black heart emoji meaning

There’s something odd about the black heart, since we don’t normally associate hearts with black. It would be appropriate to use this one alongside some dark jokes or to accompany a message of sorrow or grief. The black heart can also be paired with a photo as an aesthetic choice rather than a caption on Instagram.

Purple heart emoji meaning

The purple heart is the perfect way to say “happy birthday” or “thank you.” It can also be used to indicate love that isn’t necessarily romantic, although it’s probably best to keep it for friends and family only. Older generations and veteran families are familiar with the purple heart as a symbol of the military. Purple hearts are awarded to soldiers who have been wounded or killed in combat. Ty Dolla Sign, on the other hand, released a song called “Purple Emoji” that signifies a casual hookup. Use the heart at your discretion, as younger generations may associate it with the song.

White heart emoji meaning

Peace is symbolized by the white heart. The white heart emoji is sometimes used simply for aesthetic purposes (in fact, they are sometimes paired together). No matter what color heart you choose, make sure you don’t overuse emojis or do another of these annoying texting habits.

Yellow heart emoji meaning

Often used with the sunflower emoji to add a little color and give off a warm friendship vibe, the yellow heart emoji is used to brighten someone’s day. If you want to make someone you care about smile without coming across too strong, the yellow heart is the perfect choice.

Green heart emoji meaning

Gratitude is symbolized by the green heart. This one is also commonly associated with anything related to the environment. Plant lovers, take note! Using this heart is a good idea for acquaintances, or for tagging onto a “Hey, how are you?” message.

Pink heart emoji meaning

You can choose from a number of pink heart emojis, such as a double pink heart, an orbiting pink heart, a sparkling pink heart, and a pink heart growing. While each is open to interpretation, all are generally indicative of love in some way, and are great for Valentine’s Day messages.

Orange heart emoji meaning

Emoji keyboards now include orange hearts. According to Twitter data, this emoji was initially used to complete a rainbow of hearts. This is another great option to use for friends, similar to the yellow heart. With your newfound knowledge of emojis, try solving these challenging emoji riddles.

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