Pecan Pronunciation: Is It PEE-can or Puh-KAHN?

People go *nuts* over this debate.

When you’re looking for a simple way to start a playful argument and turn people against each other in mostly good fun, ask what names they have for certain things. Although they’re from different states in the US, when people talk about the differences between the different parts of the country, it’s a great conversation to have.

This is not a very good word for a long sandwich on a roll. It doesn’t make sense. Ask where they drink their water. You can discover a lot about someone by asking them where their water comes from. In some regions there are certain regional terms that reveal the area of the country they come from.

Pecan Pronunciation: Is It PEE-can or Puh-KAHN?
Pecan Pronunciation: Is It PEE-can or Puh-KAHN?

“In one contentious instance, the word itself is the same, but there are two vastly different and polarizing pronunciations. The nut that’s shaped like an oval is the pecan.

You may not think that there are any rules when it comes to pronouncing certain words, but there are actually many phonetic pronunciation rules. No matter what, you’re probably steadfastly convinced your pronunciation is the right one, and cringe when you hear it said the other way. Some people pronounce “peanut” as “peanut.” Does one sound better than the other? I’ll let you decide.

First of all, it’s not a regional thing

Pecan pronunciation is a matter of regional and personal preference. The most popular pronunciation for the nut is “pee-KAHN. A recent survey conducted by the National Pecan Shellers Association showed that 70 percent of people living in the Northeast pronounce it “pee-can,” but so do 45 percent of southerners.

A common mispronunciation for this popular snack is “pee-kahn” because of the way it sounds when it’s pronounced with a southern drawl. The article, however, is wrong in saying that this is an easy fix for North Carolinians because not only is it not an easy fix, it’s also a huge cultural issue.

How to pronounce pecan: The case for “puh-KAHN”

It sounds more correct and less awkward to say. It also sounds like you’re speaking correctly. In the article, it says “Pronounce it peanut, however, and you might as well stick a straw up your nose.” I think this is a ridiculous statement because the correct way to pronounce it is “PEE-can.” I think it’s a very good example of a regional term. The pecan has become the state nut of Texas because it’s the official state nut of Texas.

People just assume that everyone speaks Texan when they are from Texas, but that isn’t true. There are tons of people who don’t even speak Texan, but they are considered Texan by the people who do. Pecans come in two varieties: shell and pit. Shell pecans are harvested from the tree and have the shells still on. Pit pecans are picked from the tree while the husk is still on.

How to pronounce pecan: The case for “PEE-can”

The word pecan is actually pronounced with five syllables. In fact, it’s the only food that has this particular sound. Here is how you say it:



There are many reasons why the word is pronounced with five syllables instead of four.

First, the word has two syllables that sound exactly the same. They sound like “peck-a-n”. Second, the first syllable has a heavy stress on it. And, third, the last syllable sounds like a “ch”.

The first two reasons make sense. The stress on the first syllable means there is a lot of weight on that syllable.

The second reason has less to do with the actual pronunciation. It has more to do with the way the word is read. If you are reading the word out loud, the last syllable is the longest syllable in the word. This makes it sound like the letter “ch”.

This is an important rule to remember when pronouncing words correctly.

How to pronounce pecan: The pecan experts weigh in

There are many ways to say pecan. If you hear someone say pecan, how do you know if you should agree with their pronunciation? And if you disagree, how do you know which pronunciation is correct?

Here are some of the common pronunciations of the word pecan:

Pecan can be pronounced PEEK -AN, PEE-KAN, or PEC-AN.

Some people even add an extra “C” to the word, making it “PEC-CAN”.

This last version is technically incorrect, but is very popular among Americans.

Other people add an extra “E” to the word, so it becomes “PEE-KEN”. This pronunciation is also popular among Americans.

Finally, people can pronounce the word without any changes at all, so it becomes “PEEK-AN”.

It is important to be aware of the differences between the different pronunciations so you can choose the best one for your needs.

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